As the world's largest technical professional organization, IEEE offers many ways to get involved with technical and local communities.

Technical Communities

Through IEEE, you can connect with others who share your technical interests across the globe.

Geographic Communities

You can connect with IEEE locally through members, affinity and special interest groups, student communities, and humanitarian activities.


Abstract technology background, in greens and blues. IEEE has 39 technical Societies that provide benefits to members within specialized fields of interest. Society memberships enable you to stay current within your chosen technology profession, keep in touch with your peers, and invest in your career.

Get access to all datasets from IEEE Dataport with your Society membership.

Other Technical Communities

White hexagons over multicolored, abstract triangles.

Technical Councils

IEEE Technical Councils are groups of Societies working together in broad areas of technology, sponsoring member activities such as technical meetings, publishing, promoting educational activities, and developing standards.

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General technical communities

The general technical communities pull together technologists with an interest in a hot multidisciplinary or emerging topic areas to enable increased connection and awareness of developments.

Standards Association & working groups

Abstract image in various shades of blue.IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) working groups aim to set priorities and develop appropriate standards. Working groups are open to everyone and participants need not be IEEE SA members.

Future Directions Initiatives

Silhouette of arms holding a ball lit up with various points of light.Connect with emerging technologies via conferences, news articles, technical papers, related standards, professional organizations, and academic programs.

Network. Collaborate. Create with IEEE Collabratec.

A group of engineers sit at a table discussing.All within one central hub—with exclusive features for IEEE members.

Geographic units and activities

Headshots of various people floating in the sky over a city. Red plusses indicating adding acquaintances are circling among the headshots.Members have unique local opportunities. You can attend technical presentations, create strong peer-to-peer connections, and participate in leadership opportunities that can make a positive distinction in IEEE members' jobs and careers.


Local Sections & Chapters

Local meetings are organized by Sections and Chapters within ten Regions. IEEE members automatically become members of their local Section.

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Student Branches

IEEE Student members posing behind the letter I-E-E-E. Student Branches provide an opportunity for Student members to begin networking in their areas of interest and future profession. There are nearly 2,000 Student Branches in 80 countries, at various educational institutions.


Three students in Lingshed help install microgrids. The work of IEEE members and volunteers can improve the standard of living of underserved populations, and inspire the next generation to do the same.

Affinity and special interest groups

Group of young adults sitting in a circle. One man sits in a wheelchair. IEEE affinity and special interest groups are local units of IEEE organizational units, or standing committees. To form a group in your Section or Council, complete and submit an IEEE Affinity Group Petition.

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