IEEE membership plays a vital role in advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. As a member, you know the value IEEE membership has had in your professional career as well.

The MGM program is your opportunity to share the value of IEEE membership with your friends and colleagues. Take pride in your professional home!



How the program works:

  • Simply submit your referral online or use the downloadable referral card to invite your friends and colleagues to join.
  • If you use the online form, your referral will automatically receive an email inviting them to join IEEE.
  • Make sure to have your referral include your name and 8-digit member number in their application. This is the only way we can track your referrals.

You can earn an award of up to US$90 each year that can be used towards IEEE Membership dues or redeemed for an electronic gift card at various online retailers.

See program rules below for details.

Recruiter awards

Active IEEE members that recruit new members during the 2024 membership year (16 August 2023 through 15 August 2024), may be eligible to earn an award that can be used toward IEEE Membership dues or other electronic gift card options.

Professional members can earn:

  • US$15 for each Professional member recruited
  • e-Member referrals earn US$5 each (offered in developing nations only)
  • The maximum amount a member can earn during the membership year is US$90.

Overall IEEE Award

The top recruiter in each Region will earn an additional US$50 electronic gift card at the end of the membership year.

See program rules below for details.


Program rules

  1. Only open to active IEEE members (Society Affiliates, non-members, and past members are not eligible).
  2. Professional members are not eligible to receive awards for recruiting IEEE Student members or Graduate Student members.
  3. IEEE Student members or Graduate Student members are not eligible to earn awards under this referral program.
  4. Completed referral applications must: 
    a) Be received with full dues payment by IEEE before 15 August 2024
    b) Include the referrer’s membership number in the Referring Member number field in the online application 
  5. Applications received without a recruiter's valid membership number will not be considered for an award; there will be no retroactive qualifying of recruiters.
  6. Individual awards:
    a) There is a maximum credit annual amount of US$90.
    b) All award amounts are quoted in US dollars.
    c) Referral awards earned are not redeemable for cash.
    d) Awards will be valid toward IEEE Membership dues for the following year, or an electronic gift card for various online retailers. The recruiter will be able to select which option they prefer.
    e) If the recruiter chooses to use their referral award towards their membership dues the following year, referral awards must be used at the time of renewal and will expire on 31 December 2024.
    f) The Member-Get-a-Member award cannot be combined with any other membership discounts or promotions.
    g) ​Your MGM award may only be used by you and cannot be transferred.
  7. Awards will be communicated to those that earned them three times per year. Earning period refers to the date the referred member joins and pays for their IEEE Membership. The earning periods are:
    • 16 August-15 December
    • 16 December-15 April
    • 16 April-15 August 
  8. Overall award: The top recruiter in each Region is determined by the total number of eligible members recruited. In the event of a tie, the overall award will be spilt evenly. 
  9. Individual awards are subject to federal laws, and certain countries are not eligible. 

Tips on recruiting new members

  • Start a discussion about IEEE membership, emphasizing the benefits and value; be sure to provide a brochure and/or application information.
  • Keep issues of IEEE Spectrum, IEEE Potentials, and IEEE Society publications on display to attract the eyes of potential new members.
  • Publish an article in your company or university publications explaining how IEEE helped you.
  • Post announcements of IEEE meetings/conferences.
  • Welcome your company/university’s newly hired or enrolled individuals; use the opportunity to discuss IEEE.
  • When discussing membership with a prospect, listen for clues as to what they look for in a professional society. Stress those member benefits that meet their needs.
  • Coordinate an event at your place of employment.
  • Keep a record of the name and membership number of all recruited member(s).

Download Member-Get-a-Member referral cards