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IEEE provides valuable resources and tools for professional engineers across multiple industries and technologies. Whether you are seeking career advancement, looking to start your own company, or need research and trend insights into emerging technologies, IEEE can help those who work in the engineering sciences, research, and technology areas.

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Research, industry trends, and news

Industry standards access

With an active portfolio of nearly 1,300 standards and projects under development, IEEE is a leading developer of industry standards in a broad range of technologies that drive the functionality, capabilities, and interoperability of a wide range of products and services, transforming how people live, work, and communicate. IEEE maintains the NESC® (National Electrical Safety Code®).


Patent and intellectual property insights

IEEE InnovationQ Plus combines deep engineering knowledge from IEEE content with’s global patent and non-patent literature into a single, integrated solution that unlocks critical business information contained in technical documents and accelerates innovation, discovery of key insights, and time to market.

Powered by’s proprietary cognitive retrieval engine, InnovationQ Plus rapidly sifts through millions of documents to quickly and efficiently pinpoint relevant and accurate information from a collection of more than 70 million patents, applications, and invention disclosures, plus more than 3 million published documents from IEEE journals, conferences, and standards.


Trend papers

Trend papers are designed to be written by industry professionals for industry professionals, and they cover the latest, as well as future-looking, technology trends in a given area.

SRE Tools as ProductsSRE Tools as Products (PDF, 971 KB)


Asian Perspective Cybersecurity2030 Report: 2030 Advanced Technology from an Asian Perspective Cybersecurity


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applied to CybersecurityIEEE Confluence Report:  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applied to Cybersecurity


Smart Cities paperSmart Cities (PDF, 483 KB)


Cover of white paper Electric Power Grid ModernizationElectric Power Grid Modernization (PDF, 1 MB)


Colorful abstract of digital storageDigital Storage and Memory Trend Paper (PDF, 3 MB)


IEEE conferences and industry

IEEE offers both curated events and scholarly conferences, providing an opportunity for practicing engineers to learn the latest in new and evolving technologies, collaborate and network with leading experts in the field, and present their own research to peers that is submitted to IEEE for publication.

Curated events blend innovation, creativity, and cutting-edge ways of networking. These events may be based around technology hot topics, or they may include new methodologies incorporated into a more traditional conference.

One of the great benefits of IEEE conferences is that science and solutions can be created on-site through discussion and collaboration.

IEEE sponsors more than 1,800 conferences, attracting over 465,000 attendees from around the globe while publishing over 180,000 conference papers each year. IEEE is highly involved in the technical program development of numerous events including trade events, training workshops, job fairs, and other programs.

Trusted technology research

IEEE Xplore research is used by 27 of the top 30 semiconductor companies, all of the top 10 aerospace companies, nine of the top 10 computer hardware companies, and more. With over 5 million articles, the IEEE Xplore Digital Library delivers leading information and research that defines technology today with top-cited journals, cutting-edge conference proceedings, critical technology standards, and a rapidly growing selection of ebooks, as well as online courses in a wide range of technologies.

Career and professional development resources

Emerging and critical future technologies

Emerging and critical future technologies

IEEE is actively involved in the latest technological advancements, providing engagement opportunities and resources dedicated to these emerging technologies. The Future Directions Committee identifies key trends and formalizes initiatives focused around them. IEEE Roadmaps provides critical insights and direction around the advancement of these technologies. Visit their respective areas for the latest conferences, news articles, technical publications, timely podcasts, related standards, professional organizations, and educational opportunities.

Technology Roadmaps

Technology Roadmaps

The IEEE Technology Roadmaps Committee (IRC) works to provide guidance and infrastructure to support technology roadmap activities across IEEE. IRC, as supported by IEEE Future Directions, is a valued resource to any society or community as it develops and promotes its technology roadmap as a critical resource between research and industry.

The growing interest in technology roadmaps spans a wide range of IEEE organizational units. IRC seeks to enable the success of IEEE’s technology roadmap activities by leveraging the expertise of experienced roadmap developers to create tools and templates while documenting a high-level roadmap development process to assist new roadmaps.

Entrepreneurial and startup aids

Entrepreneurial and startup aids

Technology entrepreneurs drive tomorrow’s innovations that are integral in advancing technology for humanity. IEEE Entrepreneurship connects, collaborates, and convenes by providing an inspirational medium where individuals can discuss and develop their ideas, access resources to help bring concepts to life, and facilitate connections leading to successful partnerships.

The IEEE Entrepreneurship community is at the forefront of turning ideas into successful businesses. 


Educational resources

IEEE offers continuing and professional education for your employees on a wide range of engineering topics. All training is prepared with IEEE subject matter experts and peer-reviewed, so you are guaranteed that your employees will be learning from some of the world’s leading experts in their fields. Maximize your training budget with just-in-time, mobile-friendly online training priced to help you make sure everyone in your organization has the knowledge they need now.


Free educational resources

Latest IEEE course programs

Machine Learning: Predictive Analysis for Business Decisions

AI Standards: Roadmap for Ethical and Responsible Digital Environments

5G Networks

Automotive Cyber Security: Protecting the Vehicular Network

Finite Element Method for Photonics


Career opportunities and tools

IEEE provides various resources and opportunities for those interested in working in the engineering sciences, research, and technology areas.


Connect with industry technical professionals

With more than 396,000 members in more than 160 countries, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization. About 100,000 IEEE members work in private industry. Through its global membership, IEEE is a leading authority on areas ranging from aerospace systems, computers, and telecommunications to biomedical engineering, electric power, consumer electronics, and many other technical areas.

Professional liability insurance

IEEE makes it easy to apply for insurance through a secure online process. As a policyholder, you’ll have digital tools, knowledgeable advisers, and convenient monthly payment options at your fingertips. Learn more about Professional Liability Insurance and apply online today.